Misty Senske - Owner
Born in Vietnam during the war, Misty Senske’s story could be featured on the Discovery Channel, but suffice it to say she made it here, entered Millikan High School in 1990 without knowing a lick of English, then on to Long Beach State and a highly successful (twenty years!) career in the beauty industry right here in Long Beach.

Always the most talented and technically skilled manicurist wherever she worked (to witness her “nip” with a pair of parrot clippers is like watching a hummingbird extract nectar!), Misty brought a fiercely principled work ethic to the table that was so palpable in its “lead by example” simplicity that it challenged everyone in the room to be better.  Combine this with her head-spinning command of the English language within such a short period of time (this fact cannot be overstated by even the most seasoned Vietnamese immigrant!) and it’s easy to see how quickly Misty “made the jump” from eastern style, “assembly-line” oriented nail shops to high end, western owned, customer based salons.


In 2002 she brought “Body Beautiful” of Naples Plaza to a whole new level as their featured manicurist (she’s also a licensed esthetician!) and her rapidly growing book of business was testament to this fact. Even after she took three years off to raise her new twins (Amy & Ryan), loyal customers still came out of the woodwork when she announced a return to her passion in 2012. The fact she landed at arguably the finest nail salon (nail “lounge”, as the sign says) in the entire city was no surprise. As it turns out, perhaps fateful…

Angela Tsigonoff, original owner of Kreme de la Kreme on Broadway in Long Beach, did a remarkable job building the brand from nothing. Although only in existence since 2008, most patrons will tell you it feels longer, so well established is the “Let Them Eat Cake” culture here. When Misty joined in January of 2012, the two girls instantly hit it off and formed a bond so close that Angela quickly found herself trusting the keys to the business in Misty’s sure hands. Within months Angela was already talking about “passing the torch” after her own successful run, now that she had finally found a worthy successor. The seamless change of ownership took place February 1, 2013, and the rest, as they say, is history. In a rare occurrence with small businesses these days, loyal customers will actually notice an already strong brand getting stronger ---and yes, pinker---with gorgeous, long lasting nails the proof in the pudding. Indeed, let them eat cake….and be Beautiful!

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Alessandra Somera - Nail Specialist
Hey There! I’m Alessandra, you can call me Allie. I’m originally from Northern California and currently reside in Long Beach and I love it here! When I’m not spending time with family and friends or traveling, I’m pursuing my passion for nails. Here at Kreme we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest developments in healthy, high quality products. My goal is to make each and every customer feel pampered and to walk out of our salon feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world with perfectly polished nails. I look forward to catering to your every nail need! I’m looking forward to meeting you! Xoxo




Tiffany Coleman - Nail Specialist
Hey guys & dolls, I’m Tiffany! AKA “Black Barbie” I’m a mom first, wife always & PRINCESS forever. I love shopping, reading, & spending time with my family. I have a background in cosmetology but my calling is nail care. A doll can never be too put together, it’s the minor details that finish the look & if I do say so myself it’s all about the glitz, the glam & the foo-foo-la! When you look good you feel good. So whether you’re having a girls day out, a bad day & need to vent (lets taaawk ;-)) or luxuriating is just part of your regular routine, come see me and get #NailedByBarbie <3 Tiara’s up <3





Jackie Castro - Nail Specialist
Hi everyone my name is Jackie, I’m a full qualified and licensed nail specialist. I specialize in manicures, pedicures and gel nails. I believe in making clients feel relaxed and comfortable while they are getting the best nail service. I love the creativity of nail art and what it can become. I hope to see you soon.






Centylia - Nail Perfectionist
Hello everyone! My name is Centylia, but you can call me Centy. I started at Kreme in June 2015. My family moved to Long Beach from Mexico when I was 12 years old, and I have called it my home ever sense. I have the privilege to say that I am fluent in both Spanish and English. Gladly consider myself an outgoing “Nail Perfectionist”, dedicated to my job and my clients. Always setting new goals for myself, believing that the “Sky is the limit.” I Love being part of the “Kreme Krew”, and am excited to meet you and become your new Nail Technician! Love, Centy





Photos - Brian Hartger Photography & Chance Artworks